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News » Google Chrome
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Google has taken its eye off the ball with its too-hasty release of the Chrome browser. While its handling of each tab as an independent entity is just what s needed in an imperfect Web 2.0 world --and hopefully will be emulated by IE and Firefox developers -- Chrome falls short of implementing the usability that has long attracted users to Google products.

Because of a non-compliant proprietary JavaScript engine, Chrome does not work with many websites that IE and Firefox handle gracefully. For shame!

But the deal-breaker for me is that Chrome doesn t work with the widely-used Roboform password manager. Yes, Chrome offers to save passwords. But I ve got literally hundreds of site-specific passwords and (a) I need portability from browser to browser and PC to PC, and (b) I m not trusting my passwords even to the worthies at Google.

Chrome is clean, and quick. But without Roboform, it s stupid.

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