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Java: Coming Soon to Googles App Engine
        Google will soon announce comprehensive support for the Java programming language on its Google App Engine (GAE) offering. We are trying to get more details. Rumors of such a development emerged last year, but we can now confirm that it is going to happen. We have have confirmed the news and expect the announce....   More

Microsoft Web PI: What does it mean for PHP?
This is the title of Microsoft s presentation announcing the release of Microsoft Web Platform, a collection of Microsoft tools and technologies for developing and running Web applications. This new bundle from Microsoft is interesting as it allows users to download PHP and even install a bunch of PHP applications, such as Drupal and phpBB. It ....   More

oDesk Sets up a Zend Certified Engineers Group
oDesk, the Marketplace for Online Workteams, is both a market for software projects that need to get done (buyers) and for programmers and software development shops with the skills to complete them (providers). oDesk has recently set up a groups feature and Zend Certified Engineers is one of the groups which requires verification of eligibility in....   More

No iPhones, iPods at Bill Gates s house
Bill Gates s sprawling Washington state compound is, as you might expect, packed to the gills with bleeding-edge gear, from the heated floors and 20-seat home theater to the X-ray machine (for screening the mail, of course) and miles of fiber-optic cabling. But here s what you definitely won t find at chez Gates: an iPhone. In the latest issue of ....   More

Microsoft Office 14 Delayed, But Who Cares?
It appears that the next version of Microsoft Office won’t ship until next year. That’s the word from Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet, who’s reporting that Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer told Wall Street analysts Tuesday that the upcoming Office 14 is slated for a 2010 release. The announcement likely rules out a dual launch of Office 14 and ....   More

Why Vista Gets a Bad Rap
I know, it s cool to bash Microsoft. And sometimes, it s appropriate. Windows ME was truly bloatware, and Internet Explorer didn t really shape up until the competition showed the way. But Vista is a worthy extension of XP, and all it gets is grief. Microsoft Vista As an old gray beard who s been a geek tweaking PCs since before the words "g....   More

Google Chrome
Google has taken its eye off the ball with its too-hasty release of the Chrome browser. While its handling of each tab as an independent entity is just what s needed in an imperfect Web 2.0 world --and hopefully will be emulated by IE and Firefox developers -- Chrome falls short of implementing the usability that has long attracted users to Google ....   More

Analyst s View: Does Facebook Remove Offensive Groups Fast Enough?
A 17-year-old student, Theodore Graubard, took his own life in New York City last Wednesday, and it was only the next afternoon, on February 19, that pranksters on Facebook posted groups mocking the tragic incident. Even after a flood of friends and fellow-students reporting the inappropriate content to Facebook, the groups remained online for a w....   More

Amazon.com s Search Engine Suffers Outage
Amazon.com s product search engine appeared to malfunction early Tuesday, with searches for well-known books and CDs producing no results. At approximately 2:30 a.m. ET, searches for "Stephen King" and other terms on Amazon.com s bookstore returned the message, "Your search did not match any products." Comments by users on the....   More

Google Cannot Find Everything
Google has a mission to categorize the Web - searching deep into the unknown trenches and finding that one comment you made on a forum in 2004. Post on a blog, and they know it - via Web crawlers that work better than any other company. Upload images to Flickr, and maybe add a metatag or two, and Google can find them. But there are still quite a fe....   More

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